Cryptomathic, an Århus-based software and consultancy company specializing in secure E-business. The company has 20 years of experience in the sector and has as its costumers major international vendors of hard- and software as well as large players in the financial sector.

Giritech A/S is venture funded Danish startup (started in 2003) with a unique and generic remote connectivity solution, G/On. Giritech is backed by Nordic Venture Partners and Vækstfonden/Sunstone capital.

PBS is well known as the major clearing house for electronic payment transactions in Denmark. It has a vast experience in secure key management in general and PKI solutions in particular. PBS also has a general interest in developing secure and user-friendly web applications, supported by external hardware.

TDC is a major Danish telecom company, and has vast experience in all forms of data communication. TDC issues certificates for the nationwide Danish digital signature system OCES.

Danske Bank is the largest Danish bank. It has many years of experience in running secure systems, in particular home banking systems.

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Senest opdateret: 27/01/09